Syllabi / Plans de cours

DVM6120  Special Topics in International Development and Globalization: Foreign Aid (Fall 2023)

DVM6515  Thèmes choisis en développement international et mondialisation : Aide au développement (automne 2019)

POL2104  Introduction to Comparative Politics (Winter 2016)

POL4163  Politics and Sexual Diversity (Winter 2020)

POL4170  The Politics of Foreign Aid (Fall 2020)

POL4350  Honours Seminar in Comparative Politics (Fall 2023)

POL6118/8111/9218  Core Seminar in Comparative Politics (Fall 2017)

POL7119  Creation and Transformation of States and Political Regimes (Fall 2019)

POL7522  Thèmes choisis en politique comparée : Afrique subsaharienne (printemps 2014)